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Accreditation Consultation

Becoming an accredited ASC or office can be difficult, lengthy, and time-consuming process. New regulations will make it mandatory for offices and ASCs in most states to become accredited by a CME recognized body such as AAAHC and AAAASF. Synergy Anesthesia has experience in all aspects of the accreditation process. We can help you throughout the entire process to make it as easy and fast as possible. From helping you decide which of the major bodies to seek accreditation from to actual implementation of the processes needed to achieve the accreditation, Synergy Anesthesia can help. We have assisted numerous facilities become accredited, including offices converted to accredited ASCs. Besides understanding the health care climate and knowing what accredited bodies may be better for a given situation, Synergy Anesthesia has also helped facilities in the design phase and during major architectural upgrades.

Accreditation by a regulatory body requires the formulation and implementation of a detailed Policies and Procedures manual. Besides being responsible for the Anesthesia portion of the Policies and Procedures manual, Synergy Anesthesia, also routinely reviews and edits each facility's Policies and Procedures to guarantee adherence to all regulations and ensure that any new regulations are adequately addressed.

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