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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important that my ASC or office use ambulatory anesthesiologists?
Ambulatory anesthesia is a sub-specialty in anesthesiology. Ambulatory anesthesiologists are skilled in providing safe, efficient, and courteous care while allowing rapid recovery from anesthesia. At Synergy Anesthesia, all of our anesthesiologists have years of experience specifically in the field of ambulatory anesthesia. We design every anesthetic with the purpose of keeping the patient safe while allowing for the fastest possible recovery. This increases patient satisfaction in addition to improving your facility's efficiency.

What types of anesthesia do you provide?
Synergy Anesthesia physicians are experts in providing all types of anesthesia care including sedation, general, and regional anesthesia. We routinely provide anesthesia for all types of surgical cases including general, gynecologic, orthopedic, podiatric, and pediatric surgeries, to name a few.

Can you tell me more about the regional anesthesia you can provide?
Regional anesthesia has been proven to result in higher patient satisfaction and faster discharge. Synergy Anesthesia uses anesthesiologists that are experts in all types of regional anesthesia including neuraxial anesthesia (spinal and epidural) and extremity nerve blocks such as brachial plexus, femoral nerve, and ankle blocks.

How are anesthesiologists chosen for my office?
Synergy Anesthesia employs only the most highly qualified anesthesiologists. All of our physicians have years of experience specifically in field of ambulatory anesthesia and are able to provide the highest quality of care. We employ a number of anesthesiologists and will make every effort to find one that is a perfect match for your office. If you have any issues with our anesthesiologists or any of the services we provide, let us know and we will remedy the situation immediately.

What services do you offer besides clinical anesthesia care?
At Synergy Anesthesia, we pride ourselves on being more than just anesthesiologists. We consider ourselves peri-operative consultants. We are involved in the entire process from the moment a physician books a case until well after the patient is discharged home. We implement and proven pre-admission testing protocol that optimizes patient safety and reduces same day cancellations to virtually zero. In addition, we provide a variety of other services such as workflow optimization, accreditation consultation, management solutions, and didactic teaching.

My office is not certified. Can you help me with that?
Absolutely! Helping offices achieve certification with a Medicare approved organization such as AAAASF or AAAHC is something that Synergy Anesthesia excels in. We have helped numerous offices achieve certification and can help you consider all options such as what organization to use and what level of certification to achieve. In addition, we work regularly with consultants in the field who can help you with whatever issues you may have.

My office does not have any anesthesia equipment. Is that a problem?
Not at all. Synergy Anesthesia can provide all the anesthesia equipment and supplies needed for your office. We can even provide the anesthesia equipment necessary to provide general anesthesia safely and efficiently in the office setting. See Mobile Anesthesia Services for more information.

Where can I get more information on Synergy Anesthesia?
We'd love to speak with you more about what we can offer. Click here and one of our physicians will contact you shortly.

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