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    Office-Based Anesthesia

Mobile Anesthesia Services

Synergy Anesthesia is able to supply offices with any and all of the anesthesia supplies and equipment required. This includes medications, IV supplies, airway equipment, monitors, and emergency supplies. In addition, Synergy Anesthesia has the capability to provide safe and efficient general anesthesia (including providing all supplies and equipment) that is completely adherent to all regulatory bodies, such as AAAHC and AAAASF. We have the ability to be completely mobile so that a room which is used primarily for other purposes can be safely and easily converted into a temporary procedure room for surgical procedures. For something more permanent, Synergy Anesthesia can help set up a more definitive procedure room adherent to all regulatory guidelines.

  Request For Proposal

Thank you for considering Synergy Anesthesia for your office or ASC anesthesia needs. Please Click Here, fill out the RFP and one of our physicians will be in touch with you shortly.


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